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Gifts from Daddy & Mummy

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4th Year Bday Gifts

gosh, so many gifts

Once we reached home after the birthday party, the next best thing was to open the presents. Special thanks to mummy, my uncles & aunties, kor kors and jie jies for the lovely gifts!

gosh, so many gifts

(i) From Mummy: Lego play set, Little Miss Sunshine watch, Barney jigsaw puzzle and sticker books.

gosh, so many gifts

(ii) From Auntie Rina & Uncle Andrew: 2 sets of Cotton On clothes, wall stickers and a super stylo kid's helmet

Treia took off her top and wore the pink blouse with the cute giraffe . Next she wore the helmet and started reading the manual guide. ;)

gosh, so many gifts

(iii) From Auntie Sharon & Uncle Kelvin: A blue long dress

The dress fitted nicely and Treia looked so adorable in it. As usual, I will start my fashion parade show...

gosh, so many gifts

(iii) From Auntie Pat: A multi-colored layer long dress & accessories from FOX Kids

Treia put on another pretty dress fitted nicely with matching accessories.

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