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Gifts from Daddy & Mummy

Gifts for me?

1st Year Bday Gifts

2nd Year Bday Gifts

3rd Year Bday Gifts

4th Year Bday Gifts

gosh, so many gifts

WOW... the best thing is when I woke up in the morning and enjoyed opening each present with delight. A very big THANK YOU to all uncles, aunties, kor kors and jie jies for getting me these lovely gifts!

gosh, so many gifts

(i) From Daddy: A wooden Pull-Along Snail toy & a Tiffany necklace with a pendant engraved with letter T (similar to what my mummy received for her birthday)

Treia wondered when can she starts pulling her snail toy and wears her first Tiffany necklace...

gosh, so many gifts

(ii) From Auntie Sharon & Uncle Kelvin: 2 sets of clothes, cute cow design

Treia said "Look, I have two new sets of clothes added to my warerobe!"

gosh, so many gifts

(iii) From Auntie Janice & Uncle Tiong: A Bat & Wobble Penguin toy

"Ma Ma, there's a big penguin coming after me and it gives out sounds...." shouted Treia

gosh, so many gifts

(iv) From Auntie Margaret & Uncle Zhixiong: A purple Barney bagpack

Treia couldn't stop checking out her very first bagpack and wondered how many things can fit into it. And Treia also wondered who is "Barney the purple dino"?!?!

gosh, so many gifts

(iv) From Auntie Belinda & Uncle Albert: A orange cutlery set and 1 set of flowery retro clothes

Treia is delighted to receive a orange cutlery set that mummy likes it too, same goes for the clothes. By the way, mummy complained to Auntie Belinda that she misspelt my name T-R-E-I-A la.

gosh, so many gifts

(v) From Auntie Yanling, Auntie Janice, & Uncle Francis: Baby's First Blocks (shapes sorter box), animal wooden matching toy & a pink handphone

"Ring ring ...ring ring", the phone is ringing and Treia is busy answering the call. I know what is a real handphone from a toy phone!

gosh, so many gifts

(vi) From Uncle Sianghong: A Vtech Pop & Sing Apple toy

"Cool! My favorite Apple toy can sing songs while I clap my hands" Treia smiled. Check out the video clip.

gosh, so many gifts

(vi) From Auntie & Uncle Desmond Family: A Walker-to-Wagon toy

"Pa Pa, I can pull or push using this wagon." Treia pointed out.

gosh, so many gifts

(vii) From Jie Jie Gracie & Kor Kor Gareth: A pink carebear

Treia said "It's a Take Care carebear... I will really take good care of it or the other way?!?!"

gosh, so many gifts

(viii) From Mummy: A Imaginarium Basic Bead Maze, Musical Activity Center, and Little Miss Birthday book & CD

"Now I have more toys to my toy collection and mummy will be busy packing up after me!", Treia said and I can read my own book in the car.

gosh, so many gifts

Every part of the living room is filled up with my toys! It's my playground when I'm at home. Last time I only have less than 5 toys ...soon I can start a toy rental service. hehehe

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