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gosh, where am i

This time it's my second time taking a long (5 hrs+) plane ride to Perth by SQ. We landed in the early morning and went to collect our rented car from the airport. We drove to town and had our big American breakfast set at Valley View Cafe which was good enough for all of us.

Before we could check-in to our farmstary accomodation, we discovered this West Australian Reptile Park, just located in the heart of Swan Valley. It was a run down place with a old couple and their son maintaining it. The old lady gave us a guided tour of the place and let us personally got close to some creepy crawlers.

For me, it was a real fun walking around the place and touching the snake, bobtail, seemed so daring for me, whereas my mummy stood far far away from these scaled reptiles.

gosh, where am i

Oh, can you guess where was I? Yeah, we arrived at our 3-nights farmstay at Settlers Rest where we met all the animals... like the cow, sheeps, lambs, chickens, horses, lamas and dogs.

My daddy missed Xena the cow who loved to eat apples and carrots, she's still as greedy as before. I learnt to feed the animals with bread and I enjoyed playing with the dogs, holding the egg laied by the fat chicken and staying at the cosy cottage where my daddy cooked nice pasta for dinner.

Definitely, we will go back again next time when I am much older. I hope more people can join us during our next visit.

gosh, where am i

We travelled down to the extreme south west point of Australia where < a href="" target="_blank"> Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is located. You could see that we were fully covered with thick clothing, especially for me who looked like a fatter version of little red riding hood.

The place where I stood while I was eating, it was where two oceans (Indian Ocean & Southern Ocean) meet. We could feel the strong wind blowing at our faces.

gosh, where am i

Of course, we didn't miss visiting the Busselton Jetty but couldn't go for the underwater observatory as it was undergoing a full restoration project.

Oh, check out the huge turle shell next to me!

gosh, where am i

We enjoyed the entire free & easy trip, especially the cool weather, the nature, the animals, the farmstay, the fresh food like chilli mussels, fish & chips, pizza, cheese and even bread, apples & bananas (for me).

My mummy said I kept eating every hour even after I finished with my bottle of milk. Basically, I just kept snacking non-stop!

Now, I will eat or drink whatever my daddy or muumy is having, as long as the food is safe for me, without any salt, sugar, msg or any unhealthy ingredients.

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