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gosh, where am i

::: 08 Jun 2010 :::
My very first time celebrating my mummy's birthday at the Singapore Zoo. We headed there early around 9 plus and had a quick breakfast before we started our tour.

I could see the small monkeys and their tiny baby monkeys on a tree house near the entrance of the zoo. Thereafter, we proceeded to see the two white tigers and one of the white tigers would walk back and forth non-stop. There were alot of animals, creatures, birds that I found them so interesting.

We watched the animal show whereby a white peacock spreaded its beautiful wings, a raccoon climbed across the amphitheatre with a robe, an eagle flew above our heads, and many more which I really enjoyed the half hour show.

Of course, we visited the rainforest kidzworld where there were giant rabbit, goat, pony and even a wet play area for the kids.

I shall ask my daddy to bring me to the Birdpark soon.

gosh, where am i

::: 20 Oct 2013 :::
It has been quite a while for me to visit zoo (omg, it's been 3 years and 4 months) due to my mummy was pregnant and given birth to my little sister and we can't do outdoor activity too much with a young baby.

Guess I couldn't remember when I visited zoo and what I did or saw the last time. This time, I am big enough to store some good memories in my little brain. ;P

We went to watch the Splash Safari Show and sat at the first row so that I could get myself wet... while my mummy and my little sister sat far away. Thereafter, we proceeded to watch the Elephants at Work & Play Show and also Rainforest Fights Back Show.

However, after our late lunch, we are totally tired and didn't even manage to walk the entire zoo premise. Hopefully, I can comb the rest of the place the next time.

gosh, where am i

::: 09 Mar 2014 :::
I am back again with my family and this time, my paternal grandparents and grandaunt Nek Nek joined us too. I still remembered the seal who splashed water at me the last round and so we rushed over to watch the Splash Safari Show at 10.30am, got myself really wet and followed by Elephants at Work & Play Show at 11.30am.

I managed to feed the elephants with a basket of bananas after the show ended. Thereafter, we went over to KidzWorld area to have our lunch at KFC, before we fed the goats and changed out into swim wear to play at the water theme playground.

I definitely love it as I went onto the slide many many times on my own.

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