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gosh, where am i

::: Week 53 :::
We were having lunch at United Square - Swensen's and something big caught my attention, so I pointed out to my daddy. Oh it's a mobile giraffe float.

My daddy decided to let me try out the float for 10 mintues. It was pretty fun, as my mummy or daddy would drive the float around the enclosed compound while I enjoyed the scenery.

gosh, where am i

Christine jie-jie brought 'Pee Wee' the black rabbit for a visit on National Day! It was my first time touching a real rabbit up close & personal.

Pee Wee was pretty shy when it came over to my house. It would hide underneath the sofa and I would try looking for it.

After lunch at The Bottle Tree restaurant, we went to Sembawang Park and released Pee Wee to enjoy the grass, the big open space and the fresh air. Pee Wee was so delighted as we could see the latter hopped in delight.

My daddy kept telling me to be gentle with Pee Wee when I tried to touch its ears.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 54 :::
Hello ...hello... ah...who.... oh yes... it's Treia's call. Whenever I see a mobile phone, I will get my hands on it.

So my daddy or mummy can't get a iPhone now because I tend to throw (yes, really throw hard onto the floor) the phone after playing for a while.

Would someone like to sponsor me a basic phone, I'm fine with any brand, simple features like camera, music player. Ok, I'm busy right now... let me continue calling ... "Hello ... hello"

gosh, where am i

::: Week 55 :::
Look, he is 'Junior', the pet dog of Uncle Terry who took my daddy & mummy's wedding photos few years back.

We dropped by his office to collect my 1st birthday photos and decided to play with him for a while, but he was really a timid fellow who's afraid of strangers, even though I am smaller size than him.

Oh well, at least I am not afraid of big dog and would like to be friends with him. ;)

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