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gosh, where am i

::: Week 9 :::
My mummy likes to bring me to MacDonalds... she is the one who likes to eat mac breakfast while I'm asleep.

Hopefully I will not become too good friend with Mac-Uncle else I might look like him some day.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 10 :::
My daddy and mummy are planning to take me for a short holiday to Bintan. So I have to show a few pretty poses for daddy in order to get my passport.

Shall I consider sending the photo with a normal smily face, a super round face with my bubbly saliva, trying to eat my delicious "drumstick" or showing my cute mouth?

gosh, where am i

::: Week 11 :::
Do you think I would like Doraemon or Pokemon character?

Hmm... most likely will be Doraemon since my mummy likes watching its cartoon series.

Let me sing the DORAEMON song...
tottemo daisuki

gosh, where am i

::: Week 12 :::
My mummy can't stop snapping my pictures with the big colorful hairband!

Actually I do look nice with it right?!?! LOL

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