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gosh, where am i

::: Week 49 :::
My daddy and mummy realised that I no longer can sit or stand still whenever we are having our meals. Eleven months ago, I will drink my "fresh" milk and fall to sleep right away in my pram.

Right now, my mummy has to make sure I finish up with my cereal meal first before they can start eating. My daddy has to sit on my right side to hold me with his left hand while he uses his right hand to eat his meal.

My mummy will sit on my left side to ensure that I will not knock my head against the table with her right hand. And constantly, I will demand for their attention or want my drink by pointing my little finger and making noises.

Practically, we could only finish our meals in an hour or so when dining outside.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 50 :::
The moment I see the Barney rides at United Square Mall, I am so thrilled and asked for it by pointing my finger.

My mummy went to get a MacDonald ice cream while my daddy was looking after a little excited girl screaming with delight in a Barney ride.

Frankly speaking, the Barney rides didn't move at all and I am still happily enjoying myself. :)

gosh, where am i

::: Week 51 :::
My daddy passed me a peeled prune and eagerly I wanted to eat on my own. I would carefully hold it and bite little pieces off.

My daddy had to ensure that I wouldn't drop the prune and dirty the sofa, otherwise my mummy would give a little sigh whenever she sees me dirtying up the place.

I could be messy whenever I am eating... sometimes I am playing with my food!

Do you want to share my prune too?

gosh, where am i

::: Week 52 :::
Our National Day - Singapore's 45th Birthday is coming and I am celebrating with the nation for the 2nd time. Last year around this time, I was only 8 days old.

I could be sleeping soundly in my playpen else accompanied my mummy and daddy at the sofa watched last year national parade on the TY.

But this year it will be amazing for me to join the celebration and watch the fireworks "live" from our high rising flat.

Check out the video clip.


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