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gosh, where am i

::: Week 45 :::
WOW... I am surrounded by so many colored spikey rubber balls. I can pick up different colored balls and start throwing them in all different directions.

Ok, the rubber ball is not tasty at all...but who says I can't lick it?!?!

gosh, where am i

gosh, where am i

::: Week 46 :::
Whenever I go to United Square Mall, there are some colorful buddy rides which will capture my attention. This time, my daddy decided to let me ride on the Barney car even though I can't sit properly, so I just stand while my daddy watching over me.

It is my first time riding in a merry-go-round car ride, so fun! I shall ask for more such rides next time. :)

Besides the buddy rides, I also enjoy the rocking pony that I am sitting on. Rock rock rock... rock my way home... hope I will not get any motion sickness.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 47 :::
My daddy and mummy just bought a new infant/toddler car seat which can be rear or forward-facing from Baby Hypermart.

The height of the seat is much higher than the one before, so I can look outside from the car window to enjoy the scenery or hoping to see some birds flying in the sky.

Over the weekend, we went to ECP Playground @ Big Splash for a late lunch and a stroll along the beach. I think I am still afraid to get my feet soak in the sea water... the feeling is so funny.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 48 :::
It's the World Cup Fever season and everyone is crazy about football including my daddy. He won this blue Pepsi football with famous footballers' signature from a scratch card when purchased a carton of Root Beer.

Of course, I'm also curious about this big blue ball that I can't resist. Others can play the football with their hands, legs, or head. But I'm different because I can balance the football with my little round stomach!

Even my little Tweety Bird soft toy is eyeing on the blue ball..."No... You can't... I'm coming after you..." I'm happily sucking Tweety Bird's buttocks. :P

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