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gosh, where am i

::: Week 41 :::
Can you guess where am I? What is the place that fills up with lots of toys, furniture and food?
If you have guessed it's IKEA then you are correct!

My mummy always likes to have their Swedish meatballs, pasta with tomato sauce, and delicious chicken wings. And then she will do her window shopping while I start choosing toy(s) with my daddy's help.

I am sitting on a litte cute bed and happily playing with the big white polar bear. :) PS: Hinting my mummy & daddy that I want it.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 42 :::
Whenever I am inside my daddy's car, I will start finding things to play, besides my toys. You can see that I will play with the hand sanitizer bottle and even a small bottle that holds $1 dollar coins.

Actually, the bottle of coins is very very heavy but I still can manage to lift it up and start shaking it or even throwing it.

Now I have a habit of throwing things if I don't like it tempoarily, so watch out.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 43 :::
Can you see what am I holding in my hands? Yes... it's Carebear...and she is my Sunshine Bear. Every morning or even every day, I will get to see my Sunshine Bear and start holding it without fail.

Do you know that my mummy always sing me a "Sunshine" song to sleep? The lyrics is ...
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away."

My mummy will repeat the same song again and again till I am really asleep. I wonder why she's not tired of the same song?!?

gosh, where am i

::: Week 44 :::
There is Great Singapore Sale (GSS) happening in the period of late May - June, where everyone including my mummy will start the shopping spree.

My mummy has been getting winter clothings for me and I think my cupboard cannot fit in anymore!

You could see that I am happily playing with the transparent colorful bag from GAP and trying out the reversible hat from FOX Baby. In the end, my mummy bought me the cute hat which I will bring along during my Perth trip in September!

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