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gosh, where am i

::: Week 37 :::
It's a sunny afternoon and my mummy decided to bring me for a short swim at nearby swimming area where Auntie Margaret stays.

My mummy bought me a nice pink swim top with a cute seahorse design, a swim diaper and a swimming float.

My daddy brought me near to the edge of the swimming area where I can feel the water with my hands and legs. Slowly, I was placed into the swimming float and guided along.

Think I am rather scared 'cos the water is slightly cold and it's my first time in a kids' pool. But with my daddy & mummy around, I can safely enjoy myself for a while.

Okie, just a short 15 - 20mins in the pool and we need to leave before I catch a cold. *cross finger*

gosh, where am i

::: Week 38 :::
Finally! Mummy managed to get the complete set of 7-Elevenís Mr. Men & Little Miss alphabets & nummbers magnets.

Daddy has been helping mummy to sweet-talk some young ladies or aunties or uncles to give me more magnets so that we can form crosswords on our fridge.

Did you notice that there are words forming around my name - TREIA?!?! It's so difficult to get the letter "E".

And so, daddy is having fun by forming crosswords every now and then.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 39 :::
Everyday I will greet my little "friends" in the fish tank... yes they are my fishy friends. Whenever I see them swimming around or hiding inside the pumpkin house, I will be so delighted and start to knock on the fish tank.

That's why sometimes I think my fishy friends are so scare of me whenever I start to shout in delight or give sudden bang on the tank.

Each time I throw tantrum, my daddy and mummy will bring me over to see my fishy friends, and I will be back to my good mood again.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 40 :::
My mummy gave me balloons which were shaped into a dog and flower. But I think mummy needs more practice on the balloon twisting because they don't look so real to me.

Anyway I don't care about the shape or design, I just wanna have some fun with the balloons.

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