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gosh, where am i

::: Week 29 :::
My daddy and mummy bought a very colorful & big playmat for me to roam around. The playmat has many interesting animals, like lion, dog, rabbit, sheep, monkey, pig & etc, for me to learn and see. It also has numbers for me to count.

Most of our weekends we will spend on the big playmat so that I can crawl and sit in safety while my daddy & mummy can rest and at the same time looking after me.

Did you notice that I have something tied to my hands and legs? My daddy tried to "decorate" me by using some party tissue so that I can look like a super girl?!?

gosh, where am i

::: Week 30 :::
Today it's the 15th day of Lunar New Year and I'm already 7th month old. My grandfather bought me a cute Tigger with the word "wang" so that I can be lucky all the time! I started to play with handphone recently and especially like to be photograph by my grandfather whenever he uses his new Samsung phone.

Oh, for my first time celebrating LNY, I have collected a lot of red packets from my grandparents, grandaunts & granduncles, and aunties & uncles, so that I can place into my savings account. Mummy managed to receive a beach play set for me when we deposited with Mighty Savers. Next time when I'm older, I can play with the beach play set at ECP or any nice beaches.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 31 :::
My daddy spotted me playing with my sock while he was playing his PSP game. I was biting my sock for a moment, and daddy immediately grabbed the camera and tried to capture that funny shot.

But I was quick enough to remove the sock away....however my daddy insisted me to bite my sock again. You know what I mean right?!?

Therefore, you could see my reluctant expression when I had to bite my sock for the second time.

Hmm... sometimes I wonder if I'm the naughty girl or my daddy is the naughty boy.

gosh, where am i

::: Week 32 :::
My daddy usually buys a range of fruits over the weekend and we always have some fruits feast after meals. Interestingly, there is a passionfruit available and I managed to get hold of it.

I was trying very hard to bite the passionfruit with my bottom left tooth but can't seem to get any.

Right now, everyday I will pull myself up by holding onto my baby playpen frame from my daddy and mummy's bed. I am so delighted to discover my powerful legs and my mummy will get so worried whenever I try to jump, climb, crawl and roll all over the bed.

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